Troy White... Copywriter, Marketing Specialist, All Around Good Guy

Troy has been involved in selling and direct marketing for almost 20 years.  His works spans involvement with some of the biggest names in marketing around the world as well as effectively helping hundreds of small businesses through his advice and products.

Success for clients is driven by Troy’s ability to clearly articulate complex messages and capabilities into business tactics that work – measured by the actual results they produce.

A key element in Troy’s success is his ability to rapidly test and eliminate risks associated with producing marketing programs.  This along with a clear ability to help determine the single-most important message you need to deliver to a client is one of the reason most of Troy’s clients see consistent 6-10 times return on investment based on their marketing spends.  Many projects have delivered three-quarter to 1 Million dollar returns in a single day.

Despite Troy’s amazing success in the marketing field he remains very accessible and approachable.  His monthly articles are a source of inspiration to over 7,000 people and 10’s of thousands read his blogs and postings weekly.

Troy lives in Calgary with his wife and twin daughters. During his off time, you will find Troy relaxing with a good book in hand.

Marketing strategies for small business owners and entrepreneurs  by Troy White

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Entrepreneurs who need help with their marketing and promotions turn to Troy White in Calgary, AB, CanadaTroy was recently awarded the Leader of Tomorrow Award from Business in Calgary:

Troy D White wins the Business in Calgary Leaders of Tomorrow Award